Helpless and hopeful

Without a shadow of a doubt it has been a strange few weeks in the world we live in. We have witnessed the cruel side of the human nature in heart breaking ways. Loss of life is always sad, but when it comes through the purposeful hand of a fellow human being, I find it hard to understand. Unfortunately this is nothing new, but this time I just noticed so many people around me and people I follow or look up to being affected by the shear cruelty of these acts. I must say I was feeling it myself as well.

But in the middle of it all, watching the news, I realised one thing, me sitting home glued to the TV, even feeling scared, that is exactly what the people behind these acts are trying to accomplish. The media is great at portraying bad things, because it sells. But there is so much goodness in this world of ours, that never gets reported. In fact, these misguided souls committing these acts are a minute minority compared to all the good people in this world. So I felt the need to share things in my vlogs, normal things, beautiful things, sunny days, sunsets, nature or even the goodness of people. And that is what this weeks song “Helpless and hopeful” is all about. It is about no matter how helpless we feel, not to give up on hope.

I do hope and believe that many of you feel the same way. And If you do, lets share this message together. As always the song is available from my Bandcamp page HERE and you can download it for free by just putting $0.00 on the price. If you do decide to ay something for the song, it will be greatly appreciated and all of the money I get from these songs are directly put back into making the songs and the vlogs as high quality as possible. But the money is not the important part here, I just want you to enjoy the music and share it with the world.

Thank you once again for listening, reading and being part of this wonderful online community we have. You guys are the best and I could not do any of this without you.


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
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