Happy Monday

coffeemondayToday I am in transit. Even though Poland is not that far away from Ireland still the trip takes about half a day. Once again it is time for goodbyes, but lucky enough this time there is only few months until my next visit. But for now Dublin calls and between now and my next visit, I’ll be up to my eyes, which I don’t mind. I like busy, and work better with schedules 🙂

But all of the hard work, even though it is a passion of mine would be for nothing, if I did not get to enjoy some time off as well. The work-life balance seem to be a big struggle for most of us in the western world these days. So today as I’ll be flying over the central Europe, you can be sure I’ll be planning and writing blog posts, working on song lyrics and thinking of new ways to delight you guys. And I do this, because it brings me immense pleasure.

I am fully aware that the career I have built for my self is many peoples dream career. You might want to call it luck, but I prefer to call it hard work 😉 And I think this is a big part of that work life balance, turning our work into something we love as well. Sure it’s not for everybody. Some of us are happy to just do the work, get paid and forget about it by the time we get to Friday night. And thats fine if this is you. But if it is not, then go out there and reinvent your self. Only you can do this.

Now the airport is calling me. I just wanted to wish you happy Monday, and have a kick ass week!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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