Gambling Man

This weeks song Gambling Man tackles an addiction, which we often don’t take as seriously as for example drug addiction or alcoholism. But recently I was reminded of the severity of this, as a some one I know and would call a friend opened up to me about his problems. I got to realise how brutal this addiction can be. Just like any other addiction this one can destroy lives of the gambler as well as the loved ones. And the struggle is real, I got to see it first hand… Before I would have assumed in my ignorance that it would be as simple as just staying away from anywhere where the gambling happens, but the reality is, it never leaves you alone…

I have observed addictions most of my life and had my own run ins with them as well. The problem is, we all need help, but to help someone with addiction, they need to want to help them selves first. If you, or someone you know is down in the dumps, you might need to hit the rock bottom before the desire to beat your addiction will become stronger than the addiction itself. It is a tough journey, but it can be done.

And as I said so many times before, letting someone know they are not alone can mean a world to them. So if you know someone this song might be relevant to right now, or someone who has struggled with the issue, please share this song with them. And as always, go and grab a copy of Gambling Man from my Bandcamp page HERE. The regular readers and listeners know the story, but those of you new here, the deal is that you can choose your own price, and if you can’t afford to pay, that’s fine. Just set the price to $0.00 and you are good to go. I’d hate little thing like lack of money get in-between you and my music 🙂

Thank you for listening and being here. You guys rock!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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