Don’t give up just yet

In this week’s new song “Don’t give up just yet” I talk about dreams. I talk about how we let the excuse of “life” get on the way of trying to accomplish our dreams. We make excuses, as it is easier than going after our dreams. You see, success and dreams are usually hiding behind a mountain of hard work, and most of us just keep looking for the short cuts.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the conventional 9-5 life, if that is your dream. But what ever you dream is, you should put those excuses aside and go after your dreams. We all have a very short time on this planet. It is nobody else’s business to tell us how to live our life. And only you can make your dream come true.

So what is your dream? And what can you do today towards making it a reality? Don’t put it aside anymore. Don’t let excuses get on the way. You can do this!

I hope this song can be a soundtrack for you making your dreams happen, so go grab a download of the song from my Bandcamp page HERE. And share the song with anybody who you think could do with some inspiration 🙂 And thank you for taking the time to listen.


The author J.P. Kallio is a Singer-songwriter and a daily vlogger
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