Carry The Scars

Relationships are complicated at the best of the times. We often end up hurting our loved ones the most, without meaning to do so. We snap, the words spill out without us even recognising them. But Sometimes those words can be extremely painful, and we keep playing them over in our heads. They eat into us and can have a toxic effect on our relationship.

Now of course there needs to be understanding in any relationship. We all have bad days, and need to vent from time to time. But our loved ones should not get the crap from something that went wrong at work. And here is where the good old-fashioned communication steps in. We need to talk.

How often do you ask your partner, or a loved one how their day was? Even more so how often do you actually listen? I mean, really listen? It does not mean you need to have something profound to say, many times there is nothing to say. But if you listen, first of all you let them offload what ever it is they are carrying inside, and if they do snap, or things get even more tense few days the line, you might just understand where it is coming from.

Still, we should watch out for wha we say. Words are powerful and they can hurt. These are some of the things that I had floating around my head when I wrote this weeks song “Carry The Scars.” Sometimes those mental scars can be extremely tough.

Let me know what you think of the song, and try to listen to your loved ones more 🙂 You can grab a download of this weeks song from my Bandcamp page HERE. As always it is “Name your own price,” so if you cannot afford to pay for it, just put $0.00 in the price. Especially this time of the year money can be tight, so I fully understand and I never want money to get in-between you and my music. We all need music 😉


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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