The word “brave” can mean so many things to us. When I started working on this weeks song, I was thinking about mental health and how we all get pushed from time to time bit too far. The pressures of work, school, relationships and even just being a functioning part of the society around us can be tough. It is sad that still in 2016 the common perception is that mental health is a weakness. We think someone was not strong enough to deal with what the life threw at them. The messed up thing is that in anything else, knowing your own limits would be considered a strength, so why when it comes to our mental well-being we don’t see it that way?

I for one think if anything it is brave to stand up and say I had enough, I need a break. All the wealth or achievements in the world means nothing if the price is our mental health. The financial pressures and the pressure to achieve and accomplish something in the rat race of life is so huge. And let me ask you, for what? For what are we doing all of this? I mean, yeah we need some basic stuff to survive. But it is very rarely that financial gain fulfil us. It is very rarely material things brings us long-term happiness. So why do we risk our most valuable commodity, our own health for it?

In the past few years I prioritised what I wanted to do over financial gain. Sure I had to cut back on things, especially in the beginning. But I became exited about my everyday work again, and that enthusiasm has brought along few new opportunities and I am sure there are more on the way. The process has taught me how to value my happiness. I work hard and long hours, but that is because it is my passion. Never under-estimate the value in finding your passion.

So even though this weeks song “Brave” is a dark song, I hope it makes you think about how you value and take care of your own mental health. The song is up on Bandcamp and you can download it HERE. You name your own price, starting from $0.00. And please share this song. I truly believe it is an important message. And for those among us who are struggling right now, this song can let them know that they are not alone. And thank you for taking the time to read and listen.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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