Better Man

We all messed things up somewhere along the way, no denying it. And if you try to tell me you haven’t, well then you haven’t lived life. Relationships are complicated at the best of times. And I would never condone anyone for making those mistakes. But the thing is, too often we get stuck on the mistakes we have made in the past. We drag them with us, we let them poison our future relationships.

The problem is, when we are young we look someone to make us happy. The fact is, if you are not happy on your own, no one else is not going to make you happy either. I know it’s an old cliché, but happiness starts from within. And too often we feel the need to change the other person we are with, when in reality it’s us who needs to change. And the only person who can do that is us.

If the years and my mistakes have thought me anything, is that the person that we are in a relationship with, should inspire us to be a better person, not ask us. And those mistakes we made in the past, that’s where we should leave them. We learn, and we move on. Being hung up on the past is a guaranteed way to mess up your current relationships.

This weeks song “Better Man” is all about letting go of the past, and taking on what’s here right now. Living in the moment and building a better future.

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The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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