breakfast in IschiaIt’s another sunny day in the beautiful island of Ischia. I am drinking my morning coffee overlooking the bay of Napoli. Down below Ischia Porto goes about its daily business. Even though I am high up on a hill, the fresh sea air fills my lungs. I’ve been here for the past week, recharging my batteries. We all need it from time to time 🙂

Even though I truly, unconditionally love what I do, it is important sometimes to switch off from it all. On this trip I can say I have been successful at it, more than in the past. But this does not mean I need to disappear from the world. After all, the modern music business is all about being present.

So I have been testing different types of automation, for my online activities. “But it’s not real, if you are not there in person” I hear you say. OK, lets break this down a bit. I would consider myself quite good at “being present” when it comes to my online promotion. I know there are some independent artists who I look up to, who are brilliant at it. But even they can’t be there all of the time.

Today’s artists need to get good at multitasking and time management. So we should utilise any available tool at hand. This is where Tweetdeck, Hootsuit, Facebook scheduled posts and WordPress scheduling become extremely valuable tools. And while I am on the move, there are always little bit of time here and there, which I can utilise to write and schedule blog posts, and social media posts.

So if you don’t utilise these tools yet, get on it right now! Why should others have the advantage, just because you believe in some out of date preconception?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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