8th February Blog update

brussel-sproutsI’ve had one of those live and learn week’s. Lessons learned, there are pizzas and there are pizzas and then there are those crazy pizzas that keep you up all night… Oh yeah, and brussels sprout is not the best green to use in your juice… Life is full of lessons 😀 But all joking aside I actually had a very productive week writing and recording music. The new album “After The Storm” is coming out on the 24th of March, I’d expect that to keep me busy for the near future. In the mean time, lets check out what got posted on my blog this week:

Sometimes we forget about the everyday heroes among us, and there is always a story behind every one of us. That’s what this weeks song “Mama Was Right” is all about. Check it out here:

Mama Was Right

Sometimes we try so hard to be original, that it can actually get on the way of what we actually feel is right:

Is originality over rated?

Too often I hear bands looking for a manager to come and take them to the next level. The truth is, most managers are not interested until you are at the next level:

Quick tip 21 Make yourself worth managing

Sometimes we work so hard that finding the time to do the most basic things can be difficult. Sometime you just need to let the life get on the way:

Let the life get on the way

Your story is your most valuable asset. Use it:

Quick tip 22 Story

On Wednesday I posted a rehearsal video from on of our rehearsals of me and Brian working on the tittle track of the new album. Check it out here:

After The Storm Rehearsal Video

Here’s a quick tip you can use to schedule your Facebook boost:

Quick tip 23 Facebook boost

A festival in Ireland made a mess of their new artist stage by trying to run it as ‘Pay to play’. This got all of us musicians, bloggers and press quite fired up:

How not to run a festival

As a musician you can not make any progress unless you start thinking and planning long-term:

Quick tip 24 Think long term

Here is another Twitter quick tip:

Quick tip 25 Twitter

This Saturday’s blog post was long over due 😉 It is no secret I like my coffee, but here how I would like to view it:


That’s all for this week folks 🙂 As always I’d like to hear your feedback. We’ll have another busy week ahead of us, so stay tuned;-)


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