Let the life get on the way

socksThere are days no matter what you try to do, you feel like you are not getting anywhere. You have a good plan but everything seems to get on the way of the execution. And I am not talking about the Playstation pulling me to play games, I gave up no that years ago, gave it as a present to a friends kid. Surprisingly his school grades have gone south since then, ups… I am talking about just life getting on the way.

When the laundry basket has more socks than your sock drawer, when the light bulb in the toilet is gone and you’d like to take the guess-work out of your toilet visits, when the fridge is empty an all you have in the house os the leftovers of a three-day old takeaway pizza…

Yes, by this I mean real life everyday problems. And I think people who have tried to startup their own company or business (yes you musicians, you are trying to start your own business) can relate to this. It is a big leap and it will consume your life for a long time. Does it get better? I’m not sure if it gets better, or you just get better at managing your time 😀 It is a tough game, no doubt about it and not everyone is cut out for it. But if you have the passion, you will be fighting to the last once of your energy almost every day.

Music business has changed so much, and mostly in a way that it is the artist today who need to get their hands dirty in the business. In the past there were people who did this for the artist. But those days are gone, long gone. As an artists my job looks more like someone running a startup company, trying to keep it as lean as possible and spread the word as far as possible. Of course I still dream there was someone else who could take care of the business for me, but at the same time I do love all aspects of it as well.

But from time to time you do need to stop and take care of those dirty socks, stock the fridge (preferably with some healthy food, you are no good to your business if you are sick), and take care of all of those life’s demands. And let’s not forget about the relationships in your life. Musicians are not the easiest life partners, or even friends.

So if you need to take some time of your busy schedule to take care of other stuff, don’t beat your self up about it too much. Let the life get on the way. I bet if you put a day aside to do what needs to be sorted in the home front, some of that stress will be lifted off your shoulders and you will be much more productive the next day 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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