7th December Blog update

liffeyatnightWow, what a week it has been 🙂 My new album “The Call”, fourth so far came out earlier in the week and the response has been brilliant so far. Also a big thank you to all of you for sharing the links I’ve been posting on Twitter and Facebook, it really makes a big difference. Us independent artists don’t have the promotional budgets the major labels have to promote our new release, but with the help from you guys we can level the playing field a bit 🙂 Oh yeah, and here’s a snapshot of the Liffey from a few nights ago. This river splits Dublin right at the heart and has about thousand faces.

It was also a busy week on my blog so lets have look what got posted.

This week’s song is once again my way of documenting what goes on in the world around me. Some serious issues talked about in the blog post as well. If you feel as strongly about this subject as I do, please share the song. Check out the song here:

Writing on the wall

On Monday I decided to share with you guys something bit lighter 🙂 Check it out. But let me warn you, you might never look at the Santa Clause the same way again 😉

December’s here

Tuesday was the official launch day for “The Call”. In the blog post there is also my latest video and the Spotify playlist for the album. Check it out here:

The Call” launch

On Wednesday I got started on a new series of posts, which will look at the recording of “The Call” and my recording equipment in general:

Recording “The Call” Part 1.

It seems still so many musicians fell marketing is something dirty and unartistic. Still they want to see their faces on a billboard… Go figure. Anyway, read all about it here:

The dirty word of Marketing in Music

So there we go, another week closer to the holidays 🙂 I have more cool stuff lined up for next week, so stay tuned.


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