“The Call” launch

ThecallshadowToday the 2nd of December, my fourth album “The Call” is out of the traps. I got few cool things here for you, but before we get into that lets check out some lovely quotes we got in already 🙂

“The Call” stretches J.P. Kallio’s songwriting and lyrics farther than he’s gone before. J.P. Kallio has what many other artists don’t have -depth and skill at songwriting.”
– JamSphere

“An ability to write material that has merit outside the trappings of glossy studio production”
– Soundlooks

“J.P. Kallio is back with his unique blend of country folk, and it’s just as inspiring as ever. There’s a real sense of being performed to with confidence by a true master of his craft.”
– Crossradar

“This 11 track album is fantastic and will take you on a ride through heartfelt songs that will draw out your emotions. J.P. has a very distinctive style that is raw and unfiltered. His songwriting is refined and each of the 11 songs will paint rich pictures in your mind.”
– VeryCoolTunes

Click here to download your copy of “The Call” right now!

So I also wanted to give you a new video, this was another late night video session and was a live version of the opening track of the album. Hope you like it and if you do, please leave a comment 🙂

Also I worked hard to make sure the album will be available not only from my website, iTunes, Amazon and all the usual download stores, but also on Spotify as I am fully aware many of you prefer this as your way of listening music. I’ll include here the new album playlist and if you are on Spotify, please follow me there 🙂

Thank you so much for the support, and don’t forget that a simple thing like sharing this page by hitting one of the social media links below really makes a big difference 🙂 And let me know what you think of the album as well.