4th October Blog update

but first coffeeIt’s hard to take it in that it is October already. It’s Saturday night as I write this. I am just back from The Porterhouse, where our show with Sliotar was slotted between two rugby matches. Now I have a pot of tea beside me, movie on TV and I am trying to write a blog post and follow the movie at the same time. Not the most productive use of my time, but sometimes you just need to not worry about things like that 🙂

This week has been a productive one. Nothing fires up the creative mind like proper break. I had songs coming out of woodwork, which is a great place to be. In fact my biggest problem is to find the time between blogging, playing sessions and shows with Sliotar to find the time to record them. But the heart finds time to do what the heart wants, so we will get there.

So what did I learn this week?

1. I learned that most people are not aware of the injustice going on at the ground level of the music business, and I do feel the need to talk about this more in the following weeks.

2. I learned that my journey to become a good story-teller is only beginning.

3. I learned that the true path to freedom is through discipline .

4. I learned that if you are willing to look for inspiration, you will get inspired.

This week the blog kept me busy as well. This weeks song “Better Man” is all about living in the moment and how to do that, sometimes you need to let go of the past first. Check it out here:

Better Man

Monday was my first day back in the “office” and I had some time to reflect on the year so far and whats ahead. I asked for your input on what I should do next:

What would you do next?

This Quick tip had a quick and great way to connect with your followers instantly:

Quick tip 186 Share what you love

If you feel disheartened in music business, this blog post is for you. Keep at it, don’t give up:

Mental endurance in music business

The more I work on something, the better I get at it. And guess what? It takes discipline:

Quick tip 187 Discipline in music business

On Wednesday I had the need to talk to you guys, rather than write. So it was time for another Vlog:

Vlog 8 Back home

Here’s a one that I talked about before, but it is something I feel so strongly about that I decided to revisit it:

Quick tip 188 Help others 2

I have a little bit different theory on what the major labels are hoping to do. Read all about it here:

Are we on the brink of war over control in the music business?

Us musicians understand the importance of repetition, when it comes to our music and mastering it. Why do we find it so hard to translate this into our promotional efforts?

Quick tip 189 Repeat until it hits home

To succeed, we need to improve, starting from us:

Quick tip 190 Improve yourself

Here’s what I think is an important issue in today’s music business model:

Upside down business model

And that concludes another week. If you like any of the posts, do me a favour and share them. And if you like what I do, please consider supporting me on Patreon HERE. Keep your head high, put on a smile, and let’s take on the week ahead of us 🙂


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