26th of June 2016 Vlog update

Vlog 224 26th of June 2016 Vlog update

It is the early hours of Sunday morning as I write this and the street outside is still buzzing from the Dublin pride, and in few hours the Irish are going to start to get in the spirit for their next level qualifying game in the Euro 2016.

It has been a strange week in this world of ours. When I was growing up in Finland, we lived with the Iron curtain at our border. My father was a truck driver, so I got to travel a lot from a very young age and grew a life long love for traveling. The thought of not being able to travel was scary. And from a very young age I dreamt about a world where we would not need to worry about borders. It does feel like the world took a big step back this week…

But all we can do is keep living and loving life. Thankfully the internet has made it possible for us all to keep in contact in more ways that I would have ever thought back in the days growing up in Finland.

This weeks song “You can” talks about how we let the fear of failure to hold us back. Don’t forget that you can download the song right now from Bandcamp.

You can

In Monday’s vlog I talk about using music on YouTube and offer some of my songs for fellow YouTubers.

Did I just see Des dance?

I was interviewed for the Break the business podcast. It is a special occasion as since the last time I was on the show, it has become one of my favourite podcasts 🙂

Getting interviewed by the Break the business podcast

I Wednesdays vlog I show you on elf my favourite T-Shirt’s and we have some music from the Porterhouse once again:

Chinese Star Wars poster

This week’s song put up a bit of a fight. In this vlog I have you along through the songwriting and recording process:

Trouble at the songwriting camp

In the Friday vlog I talk about this weeks song more in detail. But I also all about endorsement deals:

I’m not sponsored by Nespresso

Finally in the Saturdays vlog I talk about photography and videos. I also show you some of my older cameras:

Why I stoppped taking photographs for nearly five years

And that the lot for this week. As usual, just a bit of house keeping before I let you go. If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me, please consider pledging on my Patreon page. By pledging even $1 a month you get access to my Patreon feed, where you get to ask me questions, communicate in a more direct way and you get to see most new vlogs day before the rest of the world does. So do me a favour and visit the Patreon page HEREThe more support my Patreon page gets, the more awesome things we get to do and vlog about.

Hope you guys are well, and I will talk to you more next week.


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