25th of January Blog update

januaryThis is the last blog update of January. Next time we’ll be catching up on the week’s blog posts, it will be February… That’s just nuts! What happened to January? No actually, a lot happened in January and it ain’t over yet 🙂 The week coming up is the week of the Tradfest here in Dublin, so I am playing music flat-out, which is never a bad complaint. But I’m sure I’ll keep the blog busy as well.

So let’s get straight in to this weeks posts:

This weeks song “Anytime” is all about that special bond between a Father and his Daughter, and seem to have resonated with quite few of you. Check it out here:


As I mentioned, next week the Tardfest comes in to town. Here is what’s going on in the Porterhouse during the festival:

Temple Bar Tradfest 2015

Also we had another week of “Quick tips”. Monday was another Quick tip you can do to use Twitter as your promotional tool:

Quick tip 11 Twitter

Lately I’ve been wondering if the music charts these days still have any value, or are they just getting on the way of the art?

Can we stop turning art in to a competition

Most of musicians dream about playing in the best venue in the town, but sometimes choosing a bit smaller might just be the best deception for your career:

Quick tip 12 Pick the right venue

Time is probably the most important commodity in the world. So why do we hold back going after our dreams just because we think the time is not right?

The Right Time 

Here is something you need to know about promoting music on Facebook right now:

Quick tip 13 Facebook

On Thursday I posted another video. This time it was a track from my first video. Check it out here:

“Northern Boy” Live Video

Ever wondered how to put text on your Instagram picture? Here’s a how:

Quick tip 14 Instagram

Friday’s “Quick tip” was about choosing a support act for the next show you organic for your band:

Quick tip 15 Support act

And on Saturday we talked about those big tasks that we keep putting off. Here’s my thoughts on it:

Get that big task done, but not today

That made for a quite busy week once again 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it, and let’s do it all over again next week!


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