FatherI was brought up in a house full of boys. I was the oldest of three brothers and by the time my little sister was born I had already moved out to my own place. But in the past few years it seems many of my friends have become fathers. I watched them in what I can only call a mixture of admiration and horror 😀 Admiration how in a matter of seconds the instincts take over and you become a parent. Horror as I see the strength required, especially in the beginning, when your own needs (sleep, just to mention one) become secondary and they muster almost super human strength to just keep going.

The inspiration for this weeks song came from several of my friends who had daughters recently, or even long time ago. It was that relationship with father and daughter. As old-fashioned this might sound, fathers expect their sons to grow in to men and eventually be well able to take care and defend themselves. But a father will always worry about their daughters and go to the end of the world for them. In my observation, this transformation is instant and lasts a life time.

The father is the one who will always pickup the phone, pick you up, give a good strong hug and make the world feel just that little bit safer place. So if you are a father, or a daughter, this weeks song “Anytime” might just talk to you 🙂 And if it does, please share it with who ever it reminds you of.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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