24th of January Blog (vlog) update

We have properly cracked the back of this January by now. Only one more week of the one month most of us tend to dread left. In the defence of the “dreaded” month, this one has been treating  me just fine. I hope your’s is going well. Slowly and surely the summer is on the way. But lets not forget that every season has its beauty, as long as we are willing to open our eyes to it.

My week was what I would call “normal.” So what is normal in my world? Writing music, recording, mixing, doing some freelance writing, playing sessions and shows in the Porterhouse,  try to endure six days of workout some how and if there is any time left, try to et some sleep. Oh yeah, and now it involves filming and editing vlogs as well.

So what did I learn this week?

  1. Through my writing project, I had to evaluate my recording process. And I have come to realise, that all the equipment out there, they are just tools. What it really comes down to is the music, and the music comes from within us, not the tools 🙂
  2. Sometimes the most simplest things are the most difficult.
  3. The importance of prioritising.

And this leads nicely into this weeks blog posts. As I mentioned last week, I had to take a break from the Quick tip blog posts. It has helped me to focus on the writing. But as a result the week was definitely vlog heavy 😉 Having said that, I am starting to include some of those tips in the vlogs 🙂

But first things first, this weeks song We Travel On is one I am particularly exited about. It also showcases the new D’Addario N6 Alloy strings, which gave my guitar this amazing clarity, which enhanced the effect of the song. Check it out here:

We Travel On

The first vlog of the week started with catching up with my weekend and me talking about the most important commodity of time:

Vlog 64 I wish there was more hours in a day

On Tuesday’s vlog I introduce you to the Brand new D’Addario N6 Alloy acoustic guitar strings:

Vlog 65 D’Addario N6 Alloy first impression

In Wednesdays vlog, I was back in the studio. I also caught up on how Barra is doing with his diet. And I also talk about a secret trip…

Vlog 66 Told you it would work

Here is share with you the details of my diet, and how I lost 10kg , while putting on muscle mass:

Vlog 67 Here’s how I dropped 10kg

Some of you know, by the end of February I need to find a new home. So while I am flat hunting, I also take you guys around the town a bit:

Vlog 68 Flat hunting in Dublin

And in the last vlog of the week Dublin shows us its beauty with some glorious winter sunshine:

Vlog 69 Is that sun out there?

I hope you found the vlogs interesting enough even without the quick tips. Let me know what you think.

And now onto a little bit of house keeping. If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me, please consider pledging on my Patreon page. By pledging even $1 a month you get access to my Patreon feed, where you get to ask me questions, communicate in a more direct way and you get to see most new vlogs day before the rest of the world does. So do me a favour and visit the Patreon page HERE.

And that wraps up another week. Let me just leave you with something. This week try to take time and notice something beautiful in this season and savour it for a moment. And have a great week.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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