24th of April 2016 Blog update

Once in a blue moon you get one of those weeks when you feel like you have really accomplished something great. That is the only way I can describe this week, even though the results really remains to be seen. But I got a good feeling about this one 😉

So week like this, surely there might be some great lessons in store. So let’s get straight into it:

  1. Good planning followed by quick action often gets the best results.
  2. Your gut usually knows the best, just follow it.
  3. All that good planning means nothing without action 😉

And then straight on to this weeks new song. In this weeks song I express my worries about the state of the world and what we are going to pass on to the future generations. Don’t forget to grab a download copy from my Bandcamp page as well:


If you are going to watch one vlog this week, this is it! This was us rocking the Porterhouse last Saturday night. We got booked for quite few extra dates after this show, which I will share with you guys next week 🙂

Vlog 155 Rocking night in The Porterhouse

And on Tuesdays vlog I reflect on the show we had, and why it still puts a smile on my face:

Vlog 156 Thinking back to Saturday makes me smile

Wednesdays are studio days, and in this weeks studio vlog I get very deep into this weeks songs production:

Vlog 157 My head is melting

Here’s a vlog that did not pick as much love during the first week, but I am hoping you check it out as I love this almost a secret park in Dublin:

Vlog 158 Iveagh Gardens

In Friday’s vlog I talk about this weeks song. But I also share some banter from me and Brian’s extempore night out:

Vlog 159 This will never reach the interweb

And we finish the week with some fun stuff from this weeks rehearsals:

Vlog 160 Des has five drum kits!

So there we go, that wraps up an exiting week 🙂 Hope you enjoyed through the vlogs this weeks journey.

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Thank you once again sharing my journey. Having you guys here really means a world to me. Hope you are having  good week and stay true to your self.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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