22nd of May 2016 Blog update

It is that time of the week again that we sit pack to reflect on the week and the stuff that got posted on my blog and the vlog. There is no point in beating around the bush, losing a friend definitely has an effect on my mood and that obviously feeds into the vlogs as well. But Instead of trying to hide it, I thought to just lay it all out in the open.

There were many lessons along this week, but here I picked up the few important ones:

  1. To achieve great things, you need to dig deep. To create something you are proud of, you need to put work into it.
  2. Video editing for a larger project is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. You need to be willing to just else it from time to time and come back to it with fresh eyes and ears.
  3. Life is precious and we should be thankful for every day we have on this planet. The irony is that to be reminded of that, it often takes losing some one close to us.

This weeks song is in a way a culmination of my whole week. It is about the friend I lost. Check it  out here and don’t forget to download it from my Bandcamp page:

Living Till The Day He Died

In the first vlog of the week I did a little GoPro running experiment. I am really enjoying these little cameras a a lot:

Vlog 183 Running camera experiment

In this vlog I talk about the filming and recording process of Liberty Hell’s live show in The Porterhouse. The actual finished video is included in a later vlog this week:

Vlog 184 Capturing a live show

This week I decided to take you along from the start to the finish with this weeks song. This was the day I wrote the song and I give you a first peak into the song in its raw form:

Vlog 185 Songwriting what’s in my mind

Then we continue by recording this weeks song. You get “fly in the wall” view of me working in my small office/studio:

Vlog 186 Studio day, catching up on time

And in the Friday’s vlog I actually talk about the song and what were some of the thoughts that made me write the song:

Vlog 187 Talking about this weeks song

And we finish the week on a high. After endless hours of editing and numerous cups of coffee, I finally had a video made out of the last weeks live show. This one I am quite proud of, so check it out and let me know what you think:

Vlog 188 I am very proud of this one!

So there we go, another week in the bag. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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Next week we have another busy week ahead of us, so stay tuned and I will talk to you guys soon again 🙂


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