20th of September Blog update

Captain J.P.I won’t lie to you, I’ve had amazing week! The regular readers of my blog now I have been on holidays for the past week, and this one has lived up to all of the expectations I had 🙂 So as I still have nearly a full week left I will keep this post quite short. But still I could not forget about you guys.

I am just back from a day of sight-seeing and finished the night with Italian Queens tribute band. It was a wild show, they stopped the traffic (literally!) and the cops came into stop the show 😀 But it is just the way most of this trip has gone 🙂

So this weeks lessons are maybe as not relatable to everyone, but I will still include it here.

  1. I love driving a boat!
  2. Freddie Mercury was amazing songwriter, but many of his songs are hard to reproduce, as he had such a rhythmic emphasis on the words.
  3. It pays off to sometimes walk away from the path.
  4. Carbs are not my friend
  5. When on holidays, you should throw all the rules out the window, and live a little 😉

So there you go, and now on to this weeks blog posts.

This weeks song digs into destructive relationships, and how we should walk away before it gets too late.

Walk Away Alone

Are you ready to embrace change, or still holding on to the way things were in the past?

Are you ready to embrace the change

I am borrowing the famous catchphrase from Nike for today’s blog post. Read all about it here:

Quick tip 176 Just do it

This week i felt the need to share with you few new and old friends. Here is the wonderful Ben Reel:

Share love, music and art 6

So don’t be your own worst enemy. Instead believe in your self:

Quick tip 177 Don’t be your own worst enemy

I did an interview for Break the Business podcast last week. Here is the full podcast:

Break the Business podcast

Sometimes it is better to follow what others do, not what they say:

Quick tip 178 Follow what others do

The second artist I wanted to share with you is the wonderful Luke Murphy, check it out here:

Share love, music and art Part 7

We are our own instrument, the first quick tip on this subject looks in to the importance of taking care of your own body:

Quick tip 179 Your body is your instrument

And the second quick tip on the subject of We are our own instrument looks into the importance of taking care of your mind:

Quick tip 180 Your mind is your instrument

Has this world we live in gone past the point where we cannot show compassion?


And that’s a wrap for a quite busy week, considering I have been working on my tan for half of the week. As I said I’ll have one more week here in Italy (lucky me!) but I’ll keep the blogs coming 🙂 Have a cracking week!


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