18th of January blog update

J.P. KallioDamn it has been a busy week! But a great one as well 🙂 I spent a quite few days in the studio this week and my fifth album is well on its way. The release date will be sometime in March. Also we started to rehearse the live set, so exiting times. But I was also playing every day this week and still managed to keep the blog busy. It is amazing how if you just decide to do something, even when the time is limited, you get it done 🙂 So let’s get in to this weeks posts:

This weeks song “After The Storm” is going to be the tittle track from the new album. It also had a big blog post to go with it. Check it out here:

After The Storm

I don’t really believe in the concept of writers block. I believe it is very much something people unconsciously get stuck with them selves. Here’s how I unblock my self:

Writing past the writer’s blog

The Quick tips kept flowing this week. Mondays Quick tip was something you can do with your bands Facebook page:

Quick tip 6 Facebook

Songwriting is sometimes viewed as something magical or spiritual. Read here, why I think it is all bullcrap:

Song crafting

As I spent quite a lot of time in studio this week, I thought I could share with you my technique of recording acoustic guitar:

Quick tip 7 recording acoustic guitar

I am a musician and it is very much a big part of my identity, but before all that I am a music fan and music explorer:

Music Explorer

Here’s a quick productivity tip you can put to use and rock your week:

Quick tip 8 Productivity

On Thursday I posted a new live video. Check it out here:

Old Dog Video

Having your own website as a musician is a must these days. Still it amazes me how many bands try to get away with just social media page. Get your website started today, here’s how:

Quick tip 9 Website

Instagram became the second biggest social media site in 2014. So if you haven’t done so yet, get on it right now:

Quick tip 10 Instagram

Yesterdays Saturday post looks at how Getting out f your comfort zone can make a real change:

Getting out of your comfort zone

So there we go, that should keep you busy for a while. As always I’d love to hear your feedback on the posts. And if you have any ideas of what you’d like me to feature on my blog, let me know.


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