Quick tip 6 Facebook

J.P.s Quick tipFacebook. Oh boy, I had fun giving out about it in the past few months. But I think many of you still use it as your main social media site for your band or musical project. So I’d like to keep you guys on the loop as well 🙂

Yep, the organic reach of your bands Facebook page is down and it will drop further more during this month. No point crying about it. Here are the basics though, Facebook is saying they are limiting material that seems like it is promoting something from the Facebook feeds, unless you pay for it. This means most links to your YouTube videos, Soundcloud tracks, or even to your website will not reach many people at all. Text only posts will do ok, pictures will do bit better.

Now Facebook is really putting on a fight on the video front against YouTube. They want a piece of the pie and this is good news for you. If you post a music video on YouTube, instead of posting the link on Facebook, upload the video itself on to Facebook, it should do much better that way.

And one more thing, I would not recommend you link your Facebook posts to appear on Twitter. Sounds like quick way to do both, right? Wrong! If you post more than 140 characters, the people on Twitter will see a link to your Facebook and cannot access it unless they are signed up to Facebook. If you are going to make the most of Twitter, as you should, it requires you to actually spend some time on it 😉


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