17th of April 2016 Blog update

As I write this weeks vlog/blog update while enjoying my morning coffee, I do feel the spring is in the air 🙂 Oh boy it did take it’s time this year… It’s been busy and a productive week for me, hope your week has been a good one as well. I somehow feel like I got to create a lot this week, and those of you who know me, know is my passion 🙂

This week did hold a few lessons as well, so lets dig in to them first:

  1. The time is never perfect, so you should never wait for it. Act today, not some day in the future. What you don’t do today, more than likely never gets done.
  2. Some interesting statistics was brought to my attention. As you know I have been working hard on my YouTube channel, but I must admit I was surprised to hear that YouTube is the most popular way for people to consume music these days. If your music is not on YouTube, it does not exist!
  3. Don’t just do a job, but over over deliver where ever you can.

This weeks song talks about taking responsibility for your own words. Read all about it in the blog post, and grab your self a download of the song from my Bandcamp page, the link is in the blog post as well:

Call Me

Last weekend we did a day trip to Bray and  cliff walk beside the sea on the way to Greystones. Check it out here:

Vlog 148 Day trip to Bray

I had been slacking with my diet a bit, and it was time to get back on track. I am actually trying to find a balance with it. This is a mixture of strict days and treat days. But Check out the details here:

Vlog 149 Rainy day diet talk

In this weeks studio day vlog I talk about production and dynamics. Check it out here:

Vlog 150 Studio day

It had been a while since the had music from the session in the Porterhouse, so I decided to capture the two banjo’s in action. Brian and Dave are delivering a real treat for a banjo players here:

Vlog 151 Double Banjo’s

I decided to start including a little section on Friday’s vlogs talking about the weekly new song. Here is the first one:

Vlog 152 New song day

This week I got to play a pretty cool show in the Porterhouse with Des and Brian. Here is a some snippets from the rehearsals for the show:

Vlog 153 Rehearsals

That’s the vlogs and the song. On top of that I finally managed to get some long overdue lyric videos out this week, and there are many more on the way. I am hoping to eventually have most of my music up on YouTube, which is a bit of a task by now, but lets see what we can do 🙂 Check out the playlist for the lyric videos HERE.

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Before I head out to enjoy some of that Irish spring weather, I just waned to once again say thank you. Thank you for listening and downloading my music, thank you for watching my vlogs. You guys keep me going 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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