16th of November blog update

rain-122691_1280Ireland has been battered with some heavy rain and widespread flooding in the past week. It always gets to me when it is peoples homes that get destroyed. I hope the insurance companies step up to the plate and sort out things in a timely manner. There is something grim about this time of the year, it is dark and wet. But try to keep your head high. Music, time spent with friends and occasional hot whiskey should keep you warm 🙂

And now on to this week’s posts. It has been a busy week in the music business and some of my posts this week reflect on that. But before this lets start with this weeks song “Just Friends” Check it out here:

Just Friends

On Monday I took a look at how artists who resort to crowdfunding to pay for their album should take responsibility in how they spent the money people invested in them. Read all about it here:

Responsible crowdfunding

There has been a lot of talk about the streaming services and the drop in the album and download sales in the past few weeks. Here are some of my thoughts on what the future of Recorded music will hold:

The future of recorded music

I am not trying to drag you down by talking about the grim future. But there are many things happening in this world going on at the moment, that if we don’t open our eyes today, they might have an effect on our future generations:

The cracks are starting to show

At the top end of the streaming services Spotify is getting knocked down from all sides in the music business. It seems like they are the easy target. But are we barking up the wrong tree?

So there we go, a busy week once again 🙂 Stay tuned, more on the way.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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