The cracks are starting to show

crackWe set out to change the world, try to make it a better place. Our youthful innocence gives us an opportunity to dream big. We see the injustice and cannot believe no one has done anything about it. As children we are taught very clear sense of right and wrong (or at least most of us), but as we grow older the line gets blurry.

As we melt into the society, we accept how it works. We might not like it, but it’s just the way it is. We work to make ends meet. We try to make our own life’s better. We chase material things as we have been conditioned to associate this with happiness. We lose faith in change as we feel we have no power over it. But as long as we can choose what we eat, what we watch on TV, the music we listen, the mobile phone we buy, the clothes we wear or where we go on our holidays, we feel free.

But do we really choose these things, or are all of our decisions made in a boardroom of a big corporation, fed to us by the media? We are encouraged to vote as we have say in our society, or at least in who makes the decisions for us. But do the people in power serve us, or the same people in those boardrooms? Is everything we see around us as it seems, or is this just a hoax? Is this just a well built set for the selected few to make their profit? Are you working for yourself, or for someone else?

When you take a mortgage from a bank, you are made to feel privileged, you are a home owner. But do you buy a home and free yourself from the rental market? Or do you sign up for twenty years of slavery? The fact is you do not own your home (which you are maintaining and paying property tax on). Until the last penny is paid, the bank owns it and you need to keep up with your payments. And who owns the bank? The same people in those boardrooms?

The cracks are starting to show, read between the lines. Food for thought.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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