15th of November Blog update

My ParisI believe many of us are trying to come to terms with the week gone by. It started as an ordinary week, but by the end of it we all have been brutally reminded of the anger and cruelty in our world. I am not trying to say these things don’t happen all the time, and many of them end up just being a small news story. But just because it was on our door step, it feels some how closer and more real. But no one can deny the scale of these attacks in Paris.

I have been to France many times, and love the country. I know French people are resilient, and they will get through this horrendous tragedy. But right now my thoughts are with the people in France.

It somehow feels wrong to be writing about my own life today. A lot of things happened during the week, and many I have documented in vlogs that will be out in the next few days. So I hope it is ok with you guys that I keep this weeks blog update short. What we all learned this week is not something I want to write about today. I will in time, but right now I will leave you all with this weeks blog posts and a picture on this page, which is one of my memories from Paris. My heart is broken, but it will heal.

This weeks song “Working Man” and the quite heavy blog post talks about the greed in our world today. Please check it out, share and grab a download copy from my Bandcamp page:

Working Man

Here’s another instalment of my “On songwriting” blog posts. So you have written some songs? Now here’s how to get good at it:

On songwriting part 14 How to get better at songwriting

This quick tip in a way has become even more important during this week:

Quick tip 216 Trust

Nothing grows until you challenge it. Until you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith:

Push yourself past your comfort zone

In music business there rarely is such a thing as it can’t be done. You might not be able to do it the way you are doing it right now, but there is always another way:

Quick tip 217 There is always another way

Music business is a funny old business. Most things you do today, only bear fruit years from now:

Investment for the future

Letting people come to you, instead of hassling them is an art form of its own:

Quick tip 218 Let people come to you

Life of a musician is a journey. Trying to skip things only will come to bite you at later date:

The danger of skipping ahead

If you know how to do something, anything really, to stay good at it you need to be actively practicing it. So if some one you like, respect or admire asks you to help, do it:

Quick tip 219 Share your skills

Yep another vlog 🙂 Really getting into this blogging business 😉 Expect a lot more of these:

Vlog 15 Brown goo!

By “traveling light” I use a much broader term here than just traveling. I mean traveling through your path in the music career:

Quick tip 220 Traveling light

Last but not least. I wrote this blog post minutes after hearing about the attacks in Paris. I was tired, but I could not sleep. I needed to express my emotions somehow, so I decided to write it all down:

Night of terror in Paris

And I am going to leave this weeks blog update here. Thinking of Paris.







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