15th of May 2016 Blog update

And boom! Half way through the month of May… This week has been a lot about my birthday celebrations, so I promise to put all that behind next week 😉 So lets get into some technical stuff. As you know I was lucky enough to get two GoPro cameras for my birthday. In today’s vlog update video I wanted to put the GoPro Hero Session 4 to test, so the whole vlog was filmed on it. First impressions is that the video quality is great, the sound is actually surprisingly good, but it does struggle with the wind noise a bit, so my apologies if my voice gets bit lost in few spots. As I said, this was a test and now I know 🙂 But without a shadow of a doubt, there is hours of fun to be had with them, and they will be providing some valuable footage as well.

So what did I learn this week?

  1. Surround yourself with good friends. They are priceless.
  2. Over indulgence is good for the soul from time to time, but it comes with a price.
  3. There are only 24 hours in a day, and sometimes you just need to accept it and not fight it 😉

This weeks song was a deep one, looking into addiction and how it can affect everyone around the person suffering from addiction. As usual the song is available to download from my Bandcamp page right now, all the links and more info on the song is in the blog post here:

No Tomorrow

As usual the Monday vlog is a catchup on my weekend, and would you believe it we had some glorious sunshine here in Dublin:

Vlog 176 What? A sunny day in Dublin?

In Tuesdays vlog I talk about songwriting, as well as procrastinating and how to sometimes allow your self to do that:

Vlog 177 Songwriting and procrastinating

In this weeks studio vlog I talk about how and why I try to capture authenticity over perfection in the studio:

Vlog 178 Authenticity

Thursdays vlog was the first of few covering my Birthday celebrations:

Vlog 179 It’s my birthday

And to my surprise my birthday presents consisted not one, but two GoPros:

Vlog 180 Two GoPros in one day

In the last vlog of the week I talk about this weeks song. Then we bring you along to our rehearsals and finish the day in The Porterhouse, where Brian gets to try oysters for the first time:

Vlog 181 Brian’s first time

And that brings to an end what I can only call a fun filled week. Once again thank you so much for all the messages and love you guys sent my way. I could not have asked for a better birthday celebrations 🙂

Before I let you go, just the usual bit of house keeping. If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me, please consider pledging on my Patreon page. By pledging even $1 a month you get access to my Patreon feed, where you get to ask me questions, communicate in a more direct way and you get to see most new vlogs day before the rest of the world does. So do me a favour and visit the Patreon page HEREThe more support my Patreon page gets, the more awesome things we get to do and vlog about.

Hope you guys are doing well, where ever you are and I will talk to you more next week.


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