13th of March Blog update

It’s been a while since I sat down to write this weekly blog/ vlog update and I wasn’t exhausted or rushing 😀 The move finally is starting to be behind us and the new place is starting to look nice, and in a strange way feel more like home than the old place did. Also I actually had more time to do all my creative work this week, and the results have been something I am looking quite proudly back on right now 🙂

But before we go any further, check out the new intro I did for the weekly blog update video and let me know what you think of it.

This week the lessons were most certainly harder to pick up on, as well… things were going much smoother. But there still were few lessons along the week.

  1. To be organised requires discipline, but the rewards are worth it.
  2. If a website claims to make a task easier and fails, the chances of me using it are slim. Lesson to keep in mind while working on my new website.
  3. Being a little bit ahead of the game, hugely lowers my stress levels 🙂

This week was definitely a productive week, an I am sure it comes across in this weeks vlogs 🙂 But first thing first this weeks song “Last night,” which you can download HERE, is up on my website. It talks about the importance of keeping a positive outlook in life. Check it out:

Last night

During last weekend we celebrated Des’s birthday and I spent most of the weekend building flat pack furniture:

Vlog 113 Happy birthday Des

With the new week I was delighted to be back writing music. I used the opportunity to talk about the importance of your surroundings, when it comes to songwriting:

Vlog 114 On songwriting part 2

As the moving house part was sorted, it was time to start setting up my new studio 🙂

Vlog 115 Studio setup part 1

And the setup took me long enough to spread it over two vlogs. Check out the last of it here:

Vlog 116 Studio setup part 2

In this vlog I have the studio functioning and I set out to record this weeks song “Last night.”

Vlog 117 First recording in the new studio

And as I was a little bit ahead of my vlogging schedule, I thought it would be only fare to explain to you guys how it all works at the moment:

Vlog 118 Clearing up the confusion

And there you go, another productive week in the bag 🙂 Have you enjoyed the vlogs and the music?

Just before I let you go, a bit of house keeping. If you enjoy what I do and would like to support me, please consider pledging on my Patreon page. By pledging even $1 a month you get access to my Patreon feed, where you get to ask me questions, communicate in a more direct way and you get to see most new vlogs day before the rest of the world does. So do me a favour and visit the Patreon page HEREThe more support my Patreon page gets, the more awesome things we get to do and vlog about.

I must admit I have felt the love from you guys this week. The comments on social media and YouTube has kept me working hard. You guys inspire me and I hope I can in some small way return the favour. Have an awesome week!


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