10th of July 2016 Vlog update

Vlog 238 10th of July 2016 Vlog update

It has been a rough week in this world of ours, no doubt about that. So much anger and hate filtering through the news. Yes there has been some horrendous events and yes we should not just ignore them. But there are people who bring to light all the details of these events much better than I can, as I only watch these events fold through my TV screen, so I won’t attempt to solve the worlds problems on my vlog. I just share with you my journey and hope I can somehow brighten up your day.

But let me just say this. As I watch the demonstrators walk down the street, with their signs saying “Black lives matter,” it made me think how the world around us is dividing. This makes me very sad to see. And I hope we could all stand together with a sign that says “Lives matter.” I wish we could take that big leap, where we no longer see difference between people, no matter what the colour of their skin, ethnic background, social status, sexual orientation, sex, religion, rich or poor. We all have blood running in our veins, we all feel emotions, we all are human beings. Lives matter.

So lets move on to what got posted on my vlog and blog this week. First we have this weeks new song. This weeks song “Sweet September” without a doubt is a result of some of my personal troubles I go through from time to time. Check out the song and read all about it here:

Sweet September

I am a big advocate of treat days. This means I eat healthy during the week, and then I might go mad during the weekend. In the first vlog of the week I share with you one of my treat days.

My face is turning red

In a Tuesdays vlog I had a favour to ask you. Read all about it here:

Go and like my girlfriends picture

There is nothing like starting the week with a good run on a sunny morning 🙂 I also talk about smart packing in this vlog:

A great way to start the week

In Thursdays vlog I talk about something I feel very strongly about, how the search of perfection can be the enemy of the creative mind:

Perfection is the enemy of the creative mind

In the Friday’s vlog I talk about this weeks new song “Sweet September,” and I also take you around on a tour around the Dublin Castle:

Dublin Castle tour

I finally got knocked down by the hay fever, so I thought I lay it all on the table here. I also talk about what treatments have worked for me and what have not. Check it all out here:

Hay fever sucks

And that is it for this week. Before I let you go, there is just a little bit of house keeping.  If you enjoy what I do and want to support me, please consider supporting my Patreon campaign. Patron is a great platform that connects the makers of the art with their audience directly. And by supporting your favourite artists directly, you make sure the artist can keep on making art in the artists terms, not some rules set out by record label big shots, or book publishers to make the art bland enough to try to please every one, but in the end not really fulfilling anyone. If you want to be part of my support system, check out my pattern page HERE.

We are only week and a half away from the Sliotar summer tour, which will bring a few weeks of travel vlogs 🙂 So stay tuned and stay safe where ever you are.


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