Two extra hours in your week

Extra 2 hoursWhat would you do with two extra hours in your week? Unexpectedly, I was faced with this question. It does not seem like much, but when you have the hunger to succeed two extra hours in your week can make a world of difference.

I have been playing with Sliotar practically every Sunday night for the past 15 years, if we were not on tour. From the beginning of this year our schedule got swapped around. Our set got shortened by an hour and we also skipped our break. This puts me in a position where with minimal loss of income I gained an extra two hours in my Sunday.

The fact that I am finished at 9pm instead of 11pm makes a big difference in my Monday mornings for starters, but also I found Sunday night to be a productive time for me to write. So I am happy.

So my question is, what could you do with the extra two hours in your week? Think about it for a second. I know some of you will be thinking of chilling out on the couch and watching TV, or something along those lines. And this leads me to my next question, how well do you manage your time? You see the two hours I gained are a big thing for me as I make most of my hours in a week count. I work hard, because I love it. I dedicate time for switching off my brain from work as well, so that when I get back to work I can work even harder.

I am not here to brag how hard I work, I am trying to make you think if you could organise your time better. And if you did, what difference would it make in your career?
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