What does success mean?

youngband It’s funny how so many wannabe musicians working on a day job, have very definite career goals when it comes to their day job, but when it comes to their music it all comes bit blurry. I see it time and time again these young bands come into the scene, playing local shows, making a big fuss on social media. They chase their dream so hard, but they still don’t have any direction or a long term plan. I hear words about the magical “next level” and the need for a manager to elevate them there. You spend years mastering your skills on your instruments, you rehearse endless hours with your band, you are committed!

So if you are willing to put in all that work, why won’t you spend some time learning the business? Why won’t you figure out what your goals are and how you can get there? The information is plentiful on the net, although I do admit you need to learn to filter it a bit. Learn about royalties, radio play, management, publishing, tour booking and so on. I remember listening to a music conference panel quite a few years back, and an artist who signed a management deal told that the first thing the manager did was send the artist a large suitcase full of books on the music business. If you get approached by a manager, one of the first things they will ask you is what your expectations are and what your goals are. If your answer is just “get to the next level”, I’m pretty sure the manager will walk away.

Figure out what does success mean to you. Figure out where you want to see yourself in a years time, two years time, five years time. Figure out how to get there (and be realistic). Write all this down, and you will have the bases of a decent business plan for your band


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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