Secret tip on how to get people to listen to your music.

listentomusicI’d like to let you on a little secret I have discovered in the past nine months. This is a general good advice in life, but especially powerful in music. Sure it is very hard to get the word out about your music. It feels like the market is flooded with people trying to push their heads above the sea of hundreds of thousands of artists. But if only they would listen to my music…

Let’s try to look at it the other way. Nine months ago I was one of those guys looking at the sea of artists wondering how I could get through the noise. But I realised there is a community out there who love music, they listen to it, understand it, support it. And this community is massive! It has a niche for pretty much any type of music you could imagine and more. So instead of trying to get myself on a pedestal to stand on the front of that community, I merged into it. I started to talk to people about music, I started to buy more and more albums, discovering new music. I started blogging again after few years break.

All along I was working on my music, putting it out, offering it to the community to listen to, if they wanted to. At no stage did I force it on anyone. I never started a conversation with: “Check out my music!” or tell someone that they should listen to my music. I offered it, it was there if they wanted it, but as much as I was delighted if they did listen, I would be as happy to just talk about music I like, or hear bands and artists other people recommended.

And guess what? Suddenly people started to get exited about my music 🙂 They started to sign up to my mailing list, they started to share my music with other members of the community, just like I was sharing other artists’ music.

So my little secret is: Don’t try to get your music in front of the community, be part of it.

J.P Kallio

The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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