Quick tip 94 Don’t doubt your self

J.P.s Quick tip

J.P.s Quick tipI get very self-aware from time to time. For example, as you might know I am quite prolific blogger, even if I say so myself 😉 I post on average 12 blogs a week. I also always like to share an image or a photo with the blog post as I think the visuals have an impact. The images are a mixture of photos of myself, photos I have taken or stock photos.

Out of all the images, guess which are most effective? The pictures of me. Now guess which one’s I am most hesitant to use? Yes you guessed right, the pictures of me. Why? Because I doubt myself on daily basis. I think it is just a normal part of human nature. But if experience and statistics prove this to be the case, why wouldn’t I just trust it?

I am sure there are things in the music business you do all the time where you doubt yourself. This is one of those fears we need to face. We need to stop doubting ourselves and have faith. Now I am not saying I should use a photo of myself in every blog post, that would just get damn boring. But there are times we all should stop second guessing and trust our instincts.


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