Quick tip 5 Email list

J.P.s Quick tipI don’t really believe regret is very beneficial emotion to dwell in. but if you had to ask me if I have any regrets in my music career, it would be not starting a mailing list earlier. In fact if you ask any successful independent musician, blogger, startup company, they would all say the same.

So here’s my quick tip action you can go and do today. Go to www.mailchimp.com create an account and start collecting Emails. They have great forms you can design and they will host them for you (You can check out mine HERE ) or you can get the HTML code and drop it in to your website and you can integrate it with Facebook. Facebook is rolling out an action button at the moment and I’d assume this will be pretty seamlessly integrated with Mailchimp.

Also you should use your first recording to give away for free in exchange for people signing up to our Email list. I am giving away eight tracks at the moment 🙂

Go and get your Email list started today, you’ll thank me later 😉


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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