Quick tip 49 Quick videos

J.P.s Quick tipI talked about Perfection v Progress before and how not to get hung up on the meaningless details. One of the most powerful promotional tools you can have, is video. Of course a great quality video is powerful promotional tool, but never under-estimate the quick “behind the scenes” videos you can even film with your phone.

Again I remind you that in these little videos the quality is not so important. In fact posting one of these videos is a lot more important than the quality of it. You can film silly conversations during your rehearsal breaks, videos from your tour van on the way to a show, soundcheck, after show, during the show, in the studio, thank you messages for your fans… The options are limitless. You can post them on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, or use them as short clips on Twitter, Vine or Instagram. And most of these you can also embed on your website.

And while I mentioned the website, let me just remind you how important it is to update your website regularly. Not only for your fans, but regularly updated website will rank much higher on Google search as well. Video is also a great way, if you do not like writing blog posts, just start making regular video logs.


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