Quick tip 3 Confidence

J.P.s Quick tipTodays quick tip is something that was sparked by a few different conversations I had with a few people about performing live. For some people performing live seems so natural and some people really struggle with it. I have performed thousands of shows at this point, but still there are occasions when the nerves creep in.

So how do we battle it? In my experience I get nervous when I have not prepared myself enough. So if you are thinking of doing your first live show, don’t just think, practice. Practice everything! Make sure your songs are in your backbone and you know exactly how you start and finish them. That guitar solo? I know you think it should be improvised in the moment… No! For even the best guitar players the improvisation is a mixture of well rehearsed patterns. Until you are extremely confident, prepare and practice your solos. Practice even the introductions between the songs. And this is not just a band practice, first you need to practice alone. Perform your set at home and film it with the camera on your phone. Look back and iron out anything that does not look natural.

When you are well prepared, almost a machine, that’s when you are ready, ooze of confidence. Sure the nerves will still be there, but your body knows what to do. Happy practising 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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