Quick tip 126 Professionalism is part of everything you do

J.P.s Quick tipIf you are a working musician, you run a business. Act like it! Learn how to write a professional emails. Build yourself a professional online press pack (eliminate as much paper waste as possible. it is 2015, we need to run our business responsibly). Have a professional invoice. Be specific and detailed in your booking. Make sure both you and the venue/ organiser are in full understanding what back line are provided by the venue and what is provided by the band. Do the venue provide the sound equipment? Do the venue provide the sound engineer? Never assume anything.

And on the day of the show, be on time, be courteous, be sober, be flexible, be nice to the staff of the venue, be nice to the crowd. Some of these might sound like obvious things, but I have seen it all go south before. Professionalism is part of everything you do, and people can feel it from your very first contact with them.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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