Quick tip 121 Take a different route

J.P.s Quick tipLately I have been in a mood to find some self motivation hacks and tips. Being your own boss, you need to rally your self up, there is no one else there to do it for you 😉 So here’s some food for thought.

Today I decided to take few hours of my usual routine and decided to go for a walk. I have one of my favourite routes around the city, down the river and up along the canal. It is a nice city walk, a lot of trees and water along the way and some wild life, ducks and swans\.

But just for some random reason, I think it was the direction of the wind, I decided to walk my usual rout from finish to start. It’s a rout I have walked hundreds of times, but just the small change of direction made the walk so much more vigoerating. I actually had to stop several times to make notes for my blog posts as the ideas were flowing in 🙂

So think about if there is something in your life you do everyday, that you could do differently, could you take a different rout to work? Could you sit in a different place? Have lunch in a new place? Take a different route.


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