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J.P.s Quick tip

J.P.s Quick tipSome of you are on top of your “whats hot in the tech” and already know about Periscope. Some of you might have heard about it, but that’s about it. And some of you might have no idea what it is.

Periscope is a live streaming app for iOS and Android. It was purchased by Twitter in March and take my word for it when I say it is growing fast! About three weeks ago I downloaded the app to my phone, set up my account and forgot about it. Few days ago we were rehearsing and I decided to mess around with it. To my surprise I had 350 followers… I had done nothing else than set up the account!

So in the rehearsal room I decided to film Brian messing around with his electric banjo. To my surprise people started to view our silly broadcast. It lasted bit over one minute and we got 16 viewers. This happened without us doing any promotion for it, so you can only imagine the potential if you actually make an event out of it, advertise it on Twitter and Facebook.

I believe Periscope has a massive potential and you should go and download it straight away after reading this post. I’ll be testing it out more in the near future, so if you are already on Periscope, follow me @jpkalliomusic


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