Northern Boy

I think as soon as the idea of becoming a musician came to a little boys head, I started to hear people saying “that’s OK, but you need to have a backup plan”. It sounded like good, but boring advice at the time. I actually had a chat about this with another musician friend of mine, who not too long ago became a father. We were talking about their child growing up surrounded by music and as soon as the thought of her becoming a musician was mentioned, he said “great, but first she needs to have a backup plan”.

Now I have thought about this a lot, as yes there has been rough times in the past when I did wonder if I’ve had enough… But usually this was just a temporary weakness followed by resounding “Never!” 😀 As much as I would recommend anybody to have that  “backup plan”, I can say that the lack of it in my case really has pushed me harder.

Now on to this weeks song, which I can recognize bits of myself in it. The Northern Boy is the title track of the album and one of the first songs I wrote for it as well. It has been a little inspirational rock along the way, and the one song I compared all the other songs to see if they fit the album.

People’s support so far has been quite overwhelming to say the least 🙂 Please keep it up and once again any shares in your preferred social media sites are greatly appreciated.