Musicians sleeping patterns

sleepOnce again I am standing on this cross road. My third album “Tell My Darling” is only days away from being released. I set up a task for myself eight months ago to release 52 songs in 2014. I am more than half way there, but the time is putting pressure on me. I know myself, I work well under the pressure. In fact sometimes my best work happens in these situations. But it is so easy to slip into a habit of working all hours into the night to reach your goals. Something’s got to give.

I have become to accept the importance of sleep, especially when you work under pressure. We all need exercise, good nutrition and sleep to perform at our optimum level. But too often we skip on these things. I think my biggest downfall can be the sleep… When I am under pressure, sleep suffers the most. I just keep working all ours and after short sleep I start again. I think many of you can relate to this.

Us musicians are probably some of the worst offenders when it comes to our sleep. We gig late into the night. Few time’s I have done even 24 hour studio sessions and I would never recommend them to anyone! I’m glad I did them at the time, but never again. I’m also often on my computer working away late into the night. Busy Musicians sleeping patterns are probably some of the worst.

So I have decided to set myself another challenge 😉 Which is minimum 7 hours of sleep every night for the next two weeks. If I work late when I got a good flow going, then I need to make up for the sleep in the morning. I know 8 hours would be ideal, but 7 is my happy compromise for now. After the two weeks I have 10 days of holidays and I know I will sleep more then.

When was the last time you got two weeks of 7 hours sleep every night? Maybe you should join me on my challenge.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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