Let Me

fashionThis one is one of those songs few years back I would not have written. It just shows how writing a lot of songs can help you break out from those mental limitations we set for our selves. It is a subject that gets my blood boiling for several different reasons.

There are few things in this world of ours that have got out of hand. One of them is the world of fashion and how they portray body image. The other one is the food industry. Both of these have been allowed to feed us blatant lies for decades. Now we have children who are depressed because they are first of all overweight and looking at pictures in fashion magazines and all over the media, comparing them selves to the models. We are brought up to a society where our children have distorted body image.

It is so easy to blame the “modern society” and how the modern technology is keeping our children less active, but so is our jobs most of us adults do these days. I have had (maybe little bit strange) interest in nutrition for many years now. I might not be an expert, but one thing I know, being healthy starts from the nutrition. People are slowly starting to learn, that in the hopes of producing low-fat food products, we have been fed with sugar loaded products, that are slowly making all of us sick.

Everything in moderation they say, but most of us don’t know how much sugar our diet these days contain. I am not going to tell you what to eat and what not to eat. But I am asking you to educate your self with some resent information, not research funded by the multibillion dollar food companies (yes they have done that and have been getting away with it).

And I can’t change how fashion companies sell us distorted body image, but I can say this and I know I am not alone as a man to say this, most of us see the women in our life the real beauty as they are, not the image portrayed by the flashy magazines. You should never try to loose weight just to fit in to some stereotype designed by the fashion industry and media. The only good reason for weight loss is your own health and well being. It is all about small lifestyle changes, not on quick fixes. And for the love of anything good in this world, do not feed the scammers in the weight lost industry…

So that’s what this weeks song “Let Me” is all about, and that is the end of my rant 😀 But if you agree with me  and think we should talk more about the subject, do me a favour and share this post. Even if we get one person to open up their eyes, we have made a difference.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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