Those Days Are Gone

oldmanI think most of us have natural fear of death, it’s part of our natural survival mechanism. But even more I think every one of us is scared of dying alone. Many elderly people end up feeling isolated, and detached from the society. And those of lucky enough to have a life partner, the longest years can be when that partner passes away and leave them alone.

Until quite recently we had several generations living under the same roof. As much as the grandparents helped to bring up the kids we took care of the grandparents. Now we seem to brush them away so easily. We pay someone else to take care of them. We don’t want our children to see them getting so old that they can’t take care of themselves anymore.

In return our children are brought up in a world, where they have no real experience of death, which as much as we’d like to ignore it, is perfectly normal part of the life. The fact is we all die sooner or later. So do we want to teach our children that it is OK to push our parents in to a nursing home, by the time they start to struggle a bit? Don’t forget that you are next on the line.

So is there an elderly family member you have been meaning to visit for a while now, but you just keep putting off? Surely you don’t want your children to do that someday to you. We all live by example, it’s how we learn. So if you want your children to take care of yourself by the time you get older, I think the only thing you should be worried about is leading by example.

Heavy one again, I know… But that is often the nature of my songwriting 😉 Hope you enjoy the song, and if you do, please share it with the world.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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