The best pizza in the world

Bestpizzabicker It is thirty-three degrees outside, I’m sitting in a small town bar in the North of Italy. Cold Prosecco is keeping me cool. The non stop lotto is on TV. Luca is just after putting on a bet for us. The fly trap on the door is not moving, there is no wind to speak off. This country town is quiet even though there is a festival just around the corner. Somewhere in a distance I can hear the sound of a motorbike growing louder. In a minute a Harley Davidson pulls outside the bar. A man jumps off and walks in from the door. Luca tells me he makes the best pizza in the region. We shook hands. This is an opportunity I can’t miss. I ask him what is the secret to perfect pizza and even before I finish my sentence I can see a passion gleam in his eyes. It is important not to use too much yeast, he told me. Tomatoes are acidic, cheese is heavy and if the dough have too much yeast, the combination can be hard to digest.

He knocks back his double espresso, we shake hands again and make plans to visit his pizzeria on Sunday. And he is off to the distance on a mission to make the best pizza in the world. We didn’t win anything in the lotto


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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