4th of January Blog update

J.P. messing in PolandThe New year is here and I am back in Dublin. Call me crazy, but my apartment is freezing… I only heat the bedroom and my office when I am recording there. The living room/ kitchen is cold… I live in an apartment that looks fancy, but it is pretty impractical in real life. It was built in the beginning of the housing boom here in Ireland when what we call cowboy builders threw up the apartments at ridiculous speeds and cutting corners where ever they could. It is lovely on summer time, but in winter the heating system combined with the lack of proper insulation makes the living room crazy expensive to heat. So every winter I tell myself it is my last winter in this apartment, but by the time Spring comes along, it is easy to forget about it all 😀 Besides the location suits me right now. So my excuse is that I a doing my bit for the environment 😉

Anyway, enough about my cold house. I had a busy week on my blog even with all the festivities of the new year, so let’s get straight into it.

This week’s song is the first song of the year, the first song of my second 52 song challenge, and the first song from a new album that will be out sometime in March. Check it out here:

Won’t You Help Me

On Monday I scribbled down my predictions for the music business in 2015. It is important to keep an eye on what’s happening in the near future, but don’t let it cloud your long term plans. To be successful in the music business you need to plan at least five years ahead.

5 music business predictions for 2015

Again another post on songwriting was long overdue. Here’s the part 5 of my series of posts on songwriting:

On Songwriting Part 5

Wednesday’s post was a short message to end the year. Read it here:

New Year

With the new year, it was time for some New Year’s resolutions. Here’s mine:

New year’s resolutions

I also decided to post some Saturday posts this year. Here’s the first one:


So yeah, busy week and a good start to the new year. I have some seriously cool stuff planned for you guys for the next few months, so keep an eye on the blog. Let’s rock 2015!


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