31st of August Blog update

This week we had the American college football game here in Dublin between Penn State and the UCF Knights. The Porterhouse was one of the dedicated pubs for Penn State supporters, so you can only imagine how busy weekend I had 😉 But it has all been great fun. The Penn State fans have been fantastic.

In amidst of all this of course I tried to keep the blog posts coming as well, so let’s get straight into it.

This week’s song “They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That” once again had a bit of a thought provoking subject and blog post once again. Check it out here:

They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That

Inspiration is an important thing for any artist, but it’s hard to get anything done if you just sit around waiting for the inspiration to come to you. So I wrote a blog post how I go after inspiration:

Don’t wait for the inspiration, look for it

I always say how important it is for musicians to learn the music business. But it took me a long time to see the importance of it myself:

Learning the music business

I also wrote a travel blog post after my last week’s visit to Paris. These are some of my tips if you are thinking of visiting the wonderful city.

My Paris

So there you go. That’s the past week’s posts. I have some real exciting stuff coming up next week, so keep your eyes on the website 🙂


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