26th of April Blog update

rainydublinOnce again I am burning midnight oil while writing this late Saturday night. It’s been amazing week 🙂 I got back from yet another trip to Poland, which was great. I actually managed to unplug my brain from all the work stuff for a little while. Then on my return I went to the Blood Red Mountain Band’s Single launch, we had the release of this weeks song “Outside the Box”, and now I am back from a day two playing shows with Sliotar in the Porterhouse. So before I run out of steam on this rainy Dublin night, let’s get straight in to this weeks posts.

This week’s song was written for Cansurviving.com and seem to have hit home with many of you. Check it out here:

Outside the Box

On Monday I shared with you guys my thoughts on the new streaming service Tidal and their attempts to take on Spotify. Check it out here:

Tidal v Spotify

Copywriting is a special marketing skill, here’s my thoughts why you should need to get good at it, or hire some one else to do it for you:

Quick tip 76 Copywriting for musicians

Here’s a two very different paths in a music business:

Two paths in the music business

It is up to you to choose to believe in dreams, or act to make them real:

Quick tip 77 The choice is yours

It still amazes me when I see up and coming artist ignore their fans. They are musicians most valued commodity. Without them the artist is nothing:

The artist is nothing without the fans

Empowering your imagination and visualising where you want your career to go can be a very powerful tool:

Quick tip 78 Empower your imagination

Here’s another article that seemed to resonate with you guys a lot:

Independent artist v Major label

When all else fails I always resort to this. Just write:

Quick tip 79 Just write

As the value of recorded music is on the way down, maybe it is time to think how else we could benefit from it:

Quick tip 80 Leverage alternative payments for music

And as I mentioned in the beginning, on Thursday night I attended the Blood Red Mountain Bands CD launch. Here’s my summary of the night:

The Blood Red Mountain Band single launch

And that concludes another week. It is going to be even busier week next week, so hold on to your hats and stay tuned to the same bat channel 😉


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