William Fitzsimmons, Lions

album-lions-fullWilliam Fitzsimmons latest album “Lions” have been rocking in my iPhone a lot lately. I’ll be honest with you, it is easy for me to like him and if you know anything about his musical journey it is easy to understand why. William started his recording career at home, in his office (something I can relate to) by recording with just one microphone, his guitar and gentle voice.

His latest instalment is a bit higher end production with layers of instruments, but still all along this album his acoustic guitar and border lining on a whisper vocals are what carries the songs. MR Fitzsimmons is accomplished guitarist, talented fingerpicker, but at no stage does the guitar do anything more than is needed to set the mood for the songs.

He has very recognisable voice and style, oozing of emotion. Tracks like “Took” and “Fortune” where the production has been built much larger, you can see Fitzsimmons bridging the gap between acoustic folk and mainstream pop music. But William does all this without compromising his identity or sound.

Still for me the gems are the moments when you can hear his finger cares the strings of his guitar like “Blood/ chest” and the opening track “Well enough”.

It is by no means an easy digesting album. Instead you get little bit further into it with every listen. Those of you who have been reading my blog posts for some time know I don’t recommend music easily. It has to have a greater impact on me. William Fitzsimmons “Lions” is a strong candidate to be my favourite album of 2014. It has the meat, it has the bones and then more.

Visit: www.williamfitzsimmons.com


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