What would you do?

Artwork by Christian Lanzoni

Artwork by Christian Lanzoni

What would you do to get ahead in the music business? Would you sell your mother? Of course not! Would you let your friends down? You probably have and will do again. By this I mean most of us musicians work weekends. I bet you missed your best friend’s cat’s birthday on several occasions while playing shows. If not, it’s still all ahead of you.

Would you step on other musicians toes? Would you bad mouth them to others? Would you try to take their regular concerts from them? I’ve seen this time to time and even it does irritate me in the moment, I know your reputation is one of your most valuable assets in this business. Do you want to be known as that musician who crushes everyone in their path? Or would you rather be the one who is a valued part of the music scene, help others. Believe your music is strong enough to stand above the crowd without crushing others. Make and share it from your heart and do it the way you can be proud of it.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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