What Are We To Do

busystreetApathy is something we all are guilty at some level. We go about our lives as we are expected to. We do our job, have a family, try to buy a house, pay our mortgage… Our everyday life becomes a routine. We give out about politicians over a coffee or a few drinks, but we don’t do anything to change. It was so much different when we were younger, we wanted to change the world, but as the years go on, we settle for what we think is “the reality”.

We settle for the bare minimum. And it is not our fault. There are powerful forces in place and at play. History, it seems to just keep repeating itself. The selected few, get richer than ever before,0.004% of the people in the world own 13% of the wealth while poverty and homelessness spreads. What you see in the news is just a version of the “truth” presented in a way that keeps us believing we are doing well and we should be happy with what we have. If you for a second think the news you see on your TV screen are the truth, it is time to wake up…

But we need to live our lives, we need to keep going. So what are we to do? These issues are some of the emotions bouncing around my head while I wrote this song. I know it can get heavy and does not really give you the answers, but as always food for thought.

And once again a big thank you to Matthew Gillian for helping me out with this weeks’s song 🙂 I know I keep repeating myself, but Matthew’s help has been immense.
This is the last song from my fourth album “The Call” that will be out on the 2nd of December. Hope you have enjoyed the journey and we’ll continue with a new chapter next week. Thank you for reading, listening and for the immense support. You guys rock!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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